Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wouldn't you know it...

Well, I phoned up the Sewing Machine fellow on Thursday, and very helpful he was too.  We had my machine humming along brilliantly again in no time.

Then of course, 1/2 hour after I put the phone down, my stitches started skipping again...  ARGH!

I haven't had a chance to ring back (I feel a bit embarrassed, too, if I'm honest) but I've managed to wrangle my girlish scrap quilt without using the walking foot, and if some swearing was involved, at least there are no skips.  Houpla!

As soon as the back of the binding is sewn, it'll be ready for the shop.  Did I mention I had a shop?  I'll have to put it in the sidebar linkies.

Thanks to the frustrations of my machine, I've also been up to a spot of hand-sewing lately.  I have a grand project that uses up my smaller scraps, and I call it The Hexagon Project.  It's brilliant on the train - it practically guarantees you a seat all to yourself for some reason.  Here are this week's contributions:

Those hexagons are all about 1 1/4 " in size, so they use up pretty much anything.  One day, I will sew ALL these lozenges together and make a bedcover for our spare room.  How long do you reckon it'll take?  20 years?  Ah well, it keeps me out of trouble!