Friday, 29 November 2013

Almost back to normal...

HELLO.  Remember me?  I am a dreadful blogger; one post a month was not what I was aiming for when I started this thing up.

However life does tend to get in the way, and this past fortnight has included various ups and downs.

Among the ups were a trip to Windsor to celebrate with my Aunt after she was presented with a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, which was terribly posh but a nice chance to catch up with my widely-flung family.  Then Bike Husband and I went to Liverpool to see one of our favourite bands, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, at a teeny weeny gig that was absolutely brilliant.  Plus, we stayed in a hotel afterwards - bliss.  And then on the Saturday we went to Thought Bubble 2013 in Leeds, and that was brilliant too!  Lots of fascinating comics were purchased and much fun was had.

Less fun was Train Boy getting sick and having to have time off school (he's fine now, don't worry), and my computer breaking.  That last bit is why it's taken me a while to get back up to speed here - although we do have a spare one that I borrowed, it runs like an elderly dog and I couldn't work out how to do my photos on it.  Not that they're quite right even now, since I can't find my photo editing software and they're all a bit dark and out of focus... look...

Scrappy Kaleidoscopes!

Although I am quite pleased with how the quilt looks in real life.  This one will probably go to the shop once it's actually quilted up.  And I'm even more pleased with this one:

Hopefully Ella will like it too...

All it needs now is something nice and light for the borders and backing, which I've ordered online, and I shall be on my way to finishing it in time for Christmas - phew.

Now I need to get back to work.  See you next week - honest!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Back again!


I wasn't around last week because I was having the most LOVELY time in Norfolk with several very dear old friends, drinking slightly too much wine and paddling in the sea (in November, in the rain - it was fun once my feet went sufficiently numb, honest).

We also had a most handsome gentleman visitor to our cottage, so handsome I had to take his photo:

His name was Aristotle.  Yes, really!

But I am back now and still tidying up after our wonderful closing-down sale, which went brilliantly.  We saw lots of lovely people who said lots of nice things... and bought a lot of fabric!  There's still a fair bit to get rid of, which is in the shop as ever:

This week I'm planning to measure up all the remaining fabric to see what we have left, and next week I'm going to start listing the bolt-ends on eBay.

Shouldn't take long, eh?

...or maybe it will.  :(

I have some nice ladies coming to visit me on Monday who are hoping to take a fair bit of it off my hands, and if anything else is left after that, we'll do a final Clearance Sale in January.  That should take care of it, don't you think?

And then I can get on with these ladies!  They're shaping up rather pleasingly, I think?

"We want more jewellery, damn it!"