Wednesday, 25 September 2013

When good stitches go bad

Well, I know I said I was going to get on with that big Denyse Schmidt quilt for this week, but wouldn't you know, the scrappy quilting bug has bitten me good and proper.  I finished off that boy's quilt and got stuck into a girlier one straight away - it's too much fun watching all those little squares tuck up neatly against one another!

Isn't it pretty?  So far so good, eh?  Except... look a bit closer...

Yeah.  That stitch.  For some reason, when I came to quilting the rotten thing, my machine decided not to play.  I fiddled around with needle size, tension, thread weight, cleaned out the bobbin case - still no dice.  I had the same issue with the boy's quilt but didn't notice until I was already finished, and none of the skips on that one are too big - look:

There on the yellow flag is about as bad as they get (sorry, that photo is terribly out of focus...)

So the boy quilt can go in the shop, at a discount, and the girlier one is sitting waiting to be unpicked, and for the Sewing Machine engineer to call me back.  Ohhh the frustration!