Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Material Goods...

I haven't mentioned it here yet, but over the past year or so, a friend and I were tentatively trying to set up a business selling fabric, called Material Goods.  Unfortunately it didn't work out, due to a couple of things - other work commitments, transport, all sorts.  I'm still glad we did it, since I learned an awful lot from the experience.

The only problem is all this fabric stock still sitting in my workroom.  Piles and piles of beautiful quilting fabric.  I know, I have the worst problems, don't I?

But we do need to sell as much of it as we can to recoup our costs, so now we're preparing for our big closing down sale, which today has meant packaging up some scrap bags and peg doll kits.

The scrap bags and everything else are also in our online shop, which you can find here, but the Peg Doll kits are only available at our sale - so if you happen to be in West Yorkshire on that day, please do pop along and say hello!