Thursday, 7 November 2013

Back again!


I wasn't around last week because I was having the most LOVELY time in Norfolk with several very dear old friends, drinking slightly too much wine and paddling in the sea (in November, in the rain - it was fun once my feet went sufficiently numb, honest).

We also had a most handsome gentleman visitor to our cottage, so handsome I had to take his photo:

His name was Aristotle.  Yes, really!

But I am back now and still tidying up after our wonderful closing-down sale, which went brilliantly.  We saw lots of lovely people who said lots of nice things... and bought a lot of fabric!  There's still a fair bit to get rid of, which is in the shop as ever:

This week I'm planning to measure up all the remaining fabric to see what we have left, and next week I'm going to start listing the bolt-ends on eBay.

Shouldn't take long, eh?

...or maybe it will.  :(

I have some nice ladies coming to visit me on Monday who are hoping to take a fair bit of it off my hands, and if anything else is left after that, we'll do a final Clearance Sale in January.  That should take care of it, don't you think?

And then I can get on with these ladies!  They're shaping up rather pleasingly, I think?

"We want more jewellery, damn it!"